Commercial endorsements are nothing new

Over 100 years ago Steve Bloomer lit up the football fields of England wherever he played and this immortal player with boyish good looks pioneered commercial endorsements such as his “Lucky” boots and “Perfegrippe, the boot that took the football world by storm” with its moulded studs.

In 1956 the former Tottenham Hotspur player and manager, Arthur Rowe, advertised his sleek football boots with rubber screw-in studs for all ambitious young men who wanted to make a name for themselves on the football field.

1959 saw Jimmy Greaves, still in his Chelsea attire, get in on the act of commercialism even at his tender age by recommending a drink that would improve your performance.

A future teammate of Jimmy’s at Tottenham, Cliff Jones, who was rated the best winger in the world, also put his name to a glucose product to enhance your performance on the field.

When fans and critics of the game complain in 2017 that footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo are greedy for advertising products, they are simply treading a well-worn path that Steve Bloomer trod over 100 years ago.

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